Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rafting in Rome?! I did not know it was possible!

But yes, you can! River rafting is a sport typically associated with rushing mountain streams, but Rome and its two rivers, the Aniene and Tiber, offers a great opportunity to all lovers of the sport: placid river scenarios, unexpected glimpses of nature and also fun rapids. All this surrounded by the most beautiful city in the world!

  • I’ve never done: is it dangerous?

Do not need any previous experience. Before each run our Guides provide a detailed explanation on paddling techniques, safety and how to behave once boarded. The classes of the difficulties we encounter on the rivers in Rome are WWI and WWII (for more information see here).

  • I can not swim, can I do a rafting?

No, the participants in the descents organized by Roma Rafting® must know how to swim (before departure you will sign a form stating you know how to swim and that you are in good physical condition).

  • Is there any age limit?

The minimum age for participants is 8 years old. All minors must be authorized by a relative or legal representative (who must sign a form).

  • I there any risk of getting wet? What should I wear?

Rafting is a sport in contact with the water and so it is easy that during the descent we get wet. We recommend that you always carry a dry change. The clothing should not be too heavy (to paddle it gets warm and you sweat!) and do not have to wear bags or backpacks. The shoes must be sneakers or closed sandals (barefoot or shoes like flip flops are not allowed). In the summer we recommend to bring a sunscreen for the sun.

  • What is the best time for rafting?

Roma Rafting® is active 1st of April to 15th of November.

  • At what time you can do rafting descents?

Morning and afternoon, but with Roma Rafting® you can also make night descents, really spectacular!